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Dr. José Mackliff


With all the knowledge from studying glucose behavior in mental patients, and testing in psychotized test dogs the bi-lateral electrocoagulation of the adrenal marrow; the next progressive step was to know for sure if the procedure worked on human patient; for whom this procedure and research were undertaken in the first place. On September 12, 2.006, the first surgery on a human patient took place at the Luis Vernaza Hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador at 15:00 hours Pacific standard time. It was the first B.E.A.M. procedure made in the world, and its results made medical history in the annals of Ecuadorean medicine. Dr. Jose Mackliff teamed up with Dr. Oscar Sanchez (urologist) and his team, for a 3.5 hours surgical intervention on a female patient that suffered from chronic schizophrenia with 20 years of mental illness. "Everybody in the hospital was curious about this new surgery that was taking place inside their operating room. Nurses and medical assistants all wanted a way in". When Drs. Mackliff and Sanchez came out of the operating room, the world of medicine had changed forever; no one in the world had ever dared to enter into the suprarenal gland with an electrical surgical knife to treat mental illness.

The transcendent aspect of this medical breakthrough made in Ecuador is the actual result of the surgery. The first B.E.A.M. patient with chronic schizophrenia now lives a normal sociable life. This surgery has become a milestone in Psychiatry, and Neurology as well, since the benefit of this procedure also eradicates the symptoms in Parkinson's disease. The "method", at the time of this writing is only being practiced in Ecuador; therefore patients from all over the world have flown to Ecuador in search of health; weather for schizophrenia or for Parkinson. Many more will come as the procedure becomes better known, and probably becomes accepted in other territories. The profession has now probably changed; since a Psychiatrist can diagnose, but a surgeon is now needed when searching to eradicate the symptoms for Parkinson and Schizophrenia in a more permanent manner. As more books will be written on this new subject of study; in the mean- time, more cases and medical evidence will add-up to this new chapter in the history of medicine that Dr. Jose Mackliff started, when trying to find a better way to treat more effectively mental patients.

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